Eco-Friendly Traveling in Connecticut Last Updated: February 2022

Some people say a travel experience should make an impact on the traveler, not the place. In other words, if you are looking for travel that lets you make the most of your visit, without taking a toll on the environment, consider Connecticut. Here, you can stay in an environmentally conscious hotel, go on eco-friendly adventures and more.

Planning how to get there? Choose a greener way to travel. See all the transportation options near you with the CTrides transit finder. Have an electric car? Here’s where to find Connecticut’s convenient charging stations

Stay Green

Start by booking your visit to Connecticut at one of the many Certified Green hotel properties around the state. Connecticut's industry-leading Green Lodging program program is sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) and offers a lot of choices for everyone from luxury-seekers to budget-conscious travelers. Learn more about Connecticut’s Certified Green hotels here.

There are lots of ways to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying all there is to do in Connecticut. Here are a few great ways to explore some of Connecticut’s best sights without needing to fill your gas tank.

Pedal Power

Rent a bike for a day, a weekend or just a short hop around town. Here are few of the places that will be happy to help you plan a two-wheeled journey.

Grab a Paddle

Rivers, lakes, even along the shoreline in Long Island Sound, there are outfitters ready with a boat and paddle to help you enjoy Connecticut from the water. 

Take a Walk

Of course, there are miles and miles of hiking trails in Connecticut. But you can also join one of dozens of guided and self-guided walking tours in scenic towns and locations around the state.

Sustainable Eats & Local Treats

There are restaurants and eateries around Connecticut that specialize in farm-to-table menus. A few more take it a step further, making fully sustainable meals and ingredients a part of their mission statements. Check out a few suggestions below. If you want to find locally sourced foods at the source, you can find farms all across Connecticut here. And check out the Live Local UConn Trail for a list of local spots near the University of Connecticut offering some of the state’s favorites.